Last year, AMVETS reached its goal of establishing 20 community-based career centers—widening the Lanham, MD-based organization’s reach to 14 states.  With a new $250,000 grant from the Call of Duty Endowment, which we announced this week, AMVETS now stands to reach even more veterans in 2014.


The Seal of Distinction winner offers a national network of career centers run largely by trained volunteers. And while the organization reaches a national population, AMVETS keeps its focus local—often in places where there is no significant federal government support (like the VA).  Local volunteers staff each career center, serving vets by helping them find nearby employment and, in turn, supporting the staffing needs of local businesses.

With continued funding, AMVETS and its volunteers are well-equipped to help job-seeking veterans.  Congratulations, AMVETS.  I look forward to seeing your 2014 efforts change the lives of veterans throughout the country.