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Age: 21

Sex: Male

Prestige: 7th

Games: BO3, FO4 (PS4) / BF4, CSGO, TF2, L4D2 (PC)

Mic: Yes

Skype: Yes

TS3: Yes

Hours: 25+/week

Time Zone: GMT/UK

Looking For: Casual, but want to win, so have a competetive mindset in game sitations. Frequent call outs and constant updates on what you see, hear, where and when you died, if you notice anything. Objective based game modes, more specifically Dom/HC Dom/Demo.

Contact: Reply here or add "Zynilix"

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Timeless Gaming is a semi-hardcore Call of Duty clan seeking skilled and active players. We are a newly formed clan that will have a capacity of 20 members, so things stay organized and not out of hand. We strive to mainly have fun while maintaining a competitive approach.


What TG offers you:

- Highly skilled teammates

- Pub Stomping

- Arena Play

- Game battles

- In-house events such as; Tournaments, Mike Myers, Hide N Seek, Zombies


If you are interested in joining TG, please visit the thread below for additional information and our application form:


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