COD BO3 All DLC isn't working other than Awakening and Giant Bonus Map


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This is bullschit, a year ago and havent see a single DLC maps that i paid already, Trecyark bullschit wants t us buy the black ops4 and then all DLC come back, my friend bought the black ops3 and he is playing with all DLC map plus 4 new mastered old maps from black ops1.

This is the way Trecyark are making money, forcing us to buy black ops4.

April, 2019

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I am having this issue now with my zombies. No DLC maps show up when trying to select map. Its showing in playstore as purchased and shows installed under ps4 game info. I've hard reset my ps4 and renewed license and nothing seems to help. 

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Sorry to hear that, but can you please make sure that the account you are playing on is the primary account on that PS4? Also, try setting that once again as your home console and that account as your primary account. If none of that works the one other option would be to do rebuild database, which is found via PSN's safe mode and can be used to repair broken files. 

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My awakening dlc won’t download it said installed but still is not there i colder app and checked for a update 

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