Completed easter egg but did not receive gateworm, please help!

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the same happend to me today,

it took my quite a while before getting this EE on gorod krovi done solo, but now i dont have a gateworm to proceed to next EE.

my Gamertag xbox one: v Red eye v

i will be here praying it gets fixxed and they hook me up with the gateworm 


greetings Romano

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I just finally completed the EE with some friends and we didn’t get the gate worm. We all lagged out of the game before the ending credit scene could end. My GT is ItzRanger115F1B2B719-5D81-4305-8940-C407C11BF638.jpeg


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Hi guys, I have completed the zetsubou no shims ee but I didn't receive the gate worm. My gamer tag is Abs01ut3_G0D, and my proof is here image.jpg


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Completed der eisendrache and haven't recieved my gateworm. Photo attatched for proof. Help me out here i worked so hard for this!15597513139111832734321.jpg


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