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Hey friends,

Bought bo3 ages ago and have finally got around to playing it. Installed it, but then when it finished and I opened the game campaign and multiplayer haven’t been installed. It took a while but it started to install multiplayer, but now it’s stuck where the O is. I’ve googled it and found that a lot of people ran into this issue. I did every fix I could find. I deleted it and reinstalled, tried doing it on another account, loaded game offline then went online, etc., the only thing I haven’t tried is using another disc.

the bigger issue though is I bought and downloaded zombie chronicles and the maps aren’t showing up! I restored licences and redownloaded it and everything. I’m fine not being able to use MP and such but the only reason I got bo3 was for kino remastered. I’ve been hoping if I fix the MP issue it’ll fix the ZC issue. If anyone can help that would be appreciated 

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Hi, Try to hard restart on your console by pressing the power button for longer than 10 sec until you heard twice beep. BUT before you do that make sure that check on your storage and notification make sure there aren't any bo3 apps on it. If there is please delete it before you do any other steps. Once you check and hard restart put back in the disc and you can install back again either MP or campaign whichever you like. While you are installing make sure that you don't play it until you fully install and you can check in notification>press option>download then you will see the installing progress.
NOTE: The game after installs half way it will say the game is ready to use but it's not. Many players misunderstood because it only installs the game but not the full patch and update and BO3 as my understanding it would take some times to install. If you play it while installing it will affect your game installing progress and you will have a problem like as you mention above.
Last, If everything was install finish and fine just go back to store and redownload the DLC.

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