Gorod Krovi Easter egg glitch

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@treyarch, Do you guys ever plan on fixing the end cutscene of Gorod Krovi? I have really enjoyed the challenge of the main Easter egg, but not being able to see it through to the end and get the trophy has reaaaaalllly pissed me off. I know it’s 3 years old now, but don’t you think you could fix this tiny little problem? (I know fixing code isn’t that easy cuz then more problems tend to pop up, but come on, you can afford to pay people for it)
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12/01/2019 and still not fix in sight. I bought all of blackops 3 +zc + season pass just for the EE's and now i have to request a steam refund on the product as i cant finish the super EE which was a very big part of me buying the game. Abit sad, really hope they fix it.
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They wont fix it, because all they are focusing on now is blackout(I personally dislike blackout) but they haven't even cared about bo3 for a while sadly, just completed it yesterday and it still glitches

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