Ill never buy another cod game after the way lost transactions are handled

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I have never once had a problem all these years with a cod game. But I ha e recently pu4 based 40 dollars worth of cod points and was basi ally told to start video and taking documentation of my rolls in blackjack.and nothing can be done at this time.

I pur based 40 dollars wed, they showed a 200 point purchase Friday. But I have zero cod points. So normally the math would be a simple "ok there is a problem or discrepancy" but. I they don5 see a problem so obviously I'm just a liar...but i snapped pics of whole conversation and now it's going further than this. I even have the receipts as asked by first person. But during download I timed out and second person (karen c) was not understanding anything. So after this I'm told I should keep documentation of all my rolls and items ,like that's normal done

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hey there

can you be a little more clear on what the actual issue is?

what you said isnt really making much sense.

did you buy cod points and not get them?

did you get get the cod points and use them and supply drops gave duplicates?

what is the actual issue?

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