Gorod Krovi Easter Egg Glitch

Black Ops 3 Zombies


Everyone’s probably heard of this by now; Gorod Krovi currently has a glitch where it just crashes after Nikolai dies in the Easter egg cutscene. I’m not sure if this is on all platforms but it needs to be fixed. Treyarch at some point a year or so ago claimed they were working on a fix but that fix was never released. Sure they may not care about their last game anymore but there are still people that play this and want to complete all the Easter eggs.


this is probably a lost cause but it’s worth a shot. Many people have spent hours completing this Easter egg (including me, I spend 12 hours trying to do it solo and when I finally did it this error occurred.) and only get this instead of their precious gateworm and achievement.

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I hope this is really worked on. As it unfortunately looks like Unfortunately, nothing happens. Please change this error on bo3 and update bo3 before you make new updates on bo4

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