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I was recently playing a match and a hacker joined (you know the people with the menu with all the hacks on it) named "Its Brazoh" and when I tried to leave it warned me of a probation so I didn't leave. eventually he ended the game and i got kicked from the server and now when I try to play multiplayer it just has probation for 5 mins and everytime the probation time ends it just restarts at five mins again. This is really annoying. My gamertag is vFiest. Can anyone fix this or is there a way that I can fix this? thanks

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The reason you were banned is somewhere on this page ...

Call of Duty: Ghosts Security & Enforcement Policy

And the reason you need to not post any further inquiries about it anywhere in the forums is somewhere on this page ...

Community Forum Etiquette and Guidelines

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Oi but I didn't even break any of those rules. I don't mod/hack, I haven't pirated anything, I haven'e used any third party anything, I haven't boosted, I haven't glitched and I don't even have a mic to use offensive language and I haven't sent any rude messages with racial insults or swearing. And i don't even have an emblem so I can't have an offensive one.

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Hi vFiest,

Your profile might have been corrupted due to accidentally joining that hacked lobby. Try to delete your console's cache and see if it works(Clear cache > Xbox360 | Delete Game Data Utility file of BO2 > PS3 | Verify the integrity of the game cache > Steam/PC).

Hope this helps. Cheers!

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Hey there vFiest

Sorry to hear this happened to you.

If there is some corruption on the account we try send your information forward and attempt to have your stats restored to the previous. However, if a suitable save location cant be found then the account can be reset to zero.

Please let us know and we can have you account looked into.



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I was in a lobby with a person who hacked me to where I have permanent probation. If you could please fix this it'd be appreciated because I'm a huge fan of Bo2 and just bought a new 360 and Bo2 just to play with a new account and I didn't make it very far. Only lever 26

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Ive also had the same problem and I have no clue why?!?! Can you also help me please?

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Im stuck with the same problem!! The guy hacked my account and made me prestige 15 and changed all my classes! Plz help i love Bo2

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The same thing has happened to me, can you please reset my account or restore it? I have been waiting MONTHS for a reply to any of my posts
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It happened to me to and I'm trying to fix it
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