Black Ops2 on PS3 Freeing with update 1.19

Black Ops II Technical Support

So I've come to find out that Black Ops 2 works perfectly fine on my PS3 as long as I do not update it to the 1.19 patch. I have bought the season pass, all the multiplayer and zombies maps. Problem is, they will not install to my game unless I have the 1.19 patch.  As soon as I update it to 1.19 the game freezes before I ever get to the HDD. I have restored my ps3 back to factory settings, I have deleted and re-installed the game, I have deleted the Games Data Utility and the Saved Data Utility. I have done all of these things multiple times. The game works fine until I update it to the 1.19. I would be perfectly happy to play the game without the update, but the fact that I can't play with content that I paid for without an update that completely freezes my game; and making it unplayable and a waste of money, I have a problem with that. I want to play with content that I payed for and I can't. After all my trial and error the only thing that makes sense to me is that the 1.19 update is what freezes my game. Please help. I would at least appreciate the peace of mind knowing what is causing the game not to work. 

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