Probation every time I start BO2?

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I've been having the same thing happen to me!  I get on COD on my PS3 and it says that I'm on probation for 5 minutes when I haven't played for over 10 hours.  My SN is bubbasbadboys.  Why is this happening?

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The probation system is set up to detect rapid and multiple instances of leaves, disconnects, host migrations, and kicks from hardcore. The best thing I can suggest is try to avoid leaving multiple matches, as well as avoiding team killing in Hardcore. Please keep in mind that it does take quite a few of these instances to accumulate until you are issued a probation.



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‌i am a very big fan of Cod on xbox360.

i Get teamkilled a lot due to my gamertag PSYCHOGIRL4LIFE


now i start the day With being on probabtion sometimes which isn t even fair!!!

CAn someone please turn it off? So that i get an honest probation at least.

I Have other things ro do than boot xbox and go straight in probation...

i Have all the cod's that are available on xbox. I hate ghosts the most btw.

but bo2 is my favourite so it hirts literally to be pit on probabtion without a reason.especially when hosts migrates.simce when is that a reason for prpbation????????!

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How do you start probation on black ops 2 ? Ps3 

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I'm on Xbox one and whenever I try to get online for the first time  that day it puts me on probation warning or it puts me on probation. I usually play team death match or S&D. My name is Shoc



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I'm getting a probation notice very time I try to start black ops 2 and I've only left about 5 in a week at most but it first appeared when I got lagged out of a free for all game on nuke town and after that I've Horton the notification ever since my Xbox name is Dullesthawk703 if you need anything else from me

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Same issue. Seriously, 1/2 the people playing now are running sniper mods, you report them, nobody seems to care, then when I join normally I get probation. I am now coming to the conclusion Activision has fully given upon the users. Seriuosly if you want to EOL the older versions, just do it. 

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I am now experiencing this problem also can someone help?

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