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OK. It's time to say it LOUD AND CLEAR; REMOVE PROBATION!!!!!!

This feature is down right ridiculous! What's it to anyone if someone decides to leave in the middle of the game? Where's the harm??

In fact, it's wrong to force one sitting in a corner just to wait the game to end because of cheaters and boosters who are ruining the ongoing game.

Another thing is - if one's been KICKED OFF THE GAME - it can't be counted as "Leaving Early" and BOOM, PROBATION! This just sucks!

Yesterday, I tried to enter the game for the first time and I got right away the next msg: "Probation Warning! Bla-bla..." Then the next pop-up: "You're on probation for leaving public games too early too often..." and Boom - 5 mins probation!  I GOT PROBATION FOR JUST ENTERING THE GAME!!!!!!

Seriously! Remove this probations s*it and pay more attention to cheaters and boosters who are ruining the game for everyone else!

I'd prefer the same feature that exists in CoD MW3 where killing you're own team members adds the penalty time you're off the game. This way you don't loose your match bonuses and you'll be able to stay in the game.

Penalty times could be something like this: 1st own team member kill = 30 secs, 2nd = 1 mins, 3rd = 2 mins, 4th 4 mins and so on...


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Hey Normandie - thanks for taking the time to contact us today. We do understand your frustrations - all of us are gamers here, so we know that feeling well!

The decision was made to include temporary probations in league matches to discourage quitters, due to the fact that players are unable to join league matches that are in progress. And we all know the frustrations of a 4v1 game, or being stuck short handed.

As for Harcore team kill probations and MW3's penalties, we will certainly forward your suggestions along to the proper channels.

We do appreciate your feedback - and we continue to fight the battle against cheaters and boosters as well. Be sure to report anyone you suspect of cheating via the in-game reporting feature.



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I see there's no change... For heavens sake why can't you fix this? It is not ok to get probation due been kicked off! Latest example: Game ended, kill cam started but freezed - after awhile connection to host was lost, everyone was "thrown out" into a new game lobby. I left the lobby and vóila I got probation for quitting public game too often. Nice...




if (kicked_off == true) {

     probation = false;


else continue;

Now it seems to be...

if (player_nick == Normandie1945) {

     probation = true;


          if (complaints == true) {






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Yeah We all Know.. Bull....

I left a 4v2 S&D earlier when d other guy on my team wasnt even picking a class. Bang Probation.

How does that work out for ya. Stupid F###s

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Ok. That's it. Activision, you may congrats' yourself for loosing yet another customer. I'm just not bothered anymore. I've had enough of your piece of sh*t "feature" called 'Probation'. I'm done.

You can shove the 'Probation' where sun won't shine for all I care. No more BO's, no more new map packs. In fact, I'd like to have my money back! In return, I'd be happy to send you my copies of BO and BO2.

All this just because you refuse to remove the crappy code regarding probation... Well have it your way. I'm sure Activision don't need/care one of their customer - oh wait, there's others too!

Well done Activision!

PS. Be sure to take out of the context  "Well done Activision!" and remember to show it to your board or ceo or who ever you wanna say; "Yes, we are doing great. Look at the great feedback!".

Thank god there's MW 1, 2 and 3 where this kind of sh*t is not happening!

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or you know..stop dashboarding.  I leave games all the time because something comes up and I never get probation.  What I don't do is dashboard.

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Ok. This is the last time I'll be commenting this but would like to, one more time, to clear something...

1. I have never, ever, done any dashboarding (pulling the plug)

2. I haven't changed my play style and did not have any of the current probation problems until they started to haunt me about a +month ago

3. If I enter a game with full other side but I'm the only or the second player in my side... no thanks, leaving the game  => probation

4. If I enter a game and discover that there is boosting going on, I'll report the players doing that and leave since I don't care to play a match that's based on boosting idiots => probation

5. If I accidentally kill own team member 1 to 3 times, seems to vary, I'll get kicked off => probation

6. Sometimes, just going on-line with BO 2 and haven't even start to play yet => probation warning followed by the actual probation and when the probation is over, I'll get another probation; So, I've been on probation for 10mins before I can even start the fuc*ing game.

Bonus whining:

-Be more careful... yeah right... have you come across any "divers"? They are the ones who awaits beside you and when they see you're about to fire or are firing already, takes a niiice big dive in front of your gun. Nice. Oops, killed one of our own...

-These current spawn thingies... they are hilarious... entire fuc*ing enemy team spwans on your back...

-Provo killers... oh I just love'm...they're the ones who comes just to kill your owns, trying to provoke you to kill'em. Cute little creatures, don't you think? No matter what, your game goes down the toilet.

-Streak killers... they are my all time favourites... they're the ones who're just waiting for you to achieve a certain level of a streak and then they come and kill you. When you got a team mate like that, who needs enemies?

-Time and time again, it surprises me that there is no control what so ever to stop the underage little kids, those bugger noses, for playing the game?

Thank god this doesn't bother me anymore since I'm done with BO series.

Black Ops, you say? Sounds interesting, ok I'll buy one... what a crap, bye bye bucks...

Black Ops 2? Hmmm.. dunno... well ok, maybe it's better? No. Shame on you activision

Black Ops 3, 4...? Hell no. That would be shame on me, so no thanks. Got your chance...

Extra Bonus QUIZZZZ:

Ask-a-vision Customer Service 1 on 1:

1) What is the proper way to communicate with customers?

A. Prompt and polite

B. Constructive and to listen

C. Give the fuc*er a life-long PROBATION!

May I hear the drums? Correct answer is....: C!!!!!!

2) What is the proper way to enhance the game?

A. Listen to customer feedback

B. Rock solid R&D based on customer feedback

C. Re-engineering the start menu in such way that after the player comes on-line, the fuc*er gets minimum of 10mins of PROBATION!

May I hear the drums? Correct answer is....: C!!!!!!

3) What is the proper way to react on customer feedback?

A. Do nothing

B. Take a break

C. Appeal to some disability (can be fake ones too!)

D. All the above and give the fuc*er a life-long PROBATION!

May I hear the drums? Correct answer is....: D!!!!!!

Finally, one last extra question:

4) Can you guess what the correct answer letters spell?

May I hear the drums? Correct answer is....: Crappy Coding Died.

Now, be honest... If you liked the quizzzz, you may go and buy a shirt, with your own expense, with printing on the back saying: I own BO 2, give me PROBATION.

Thank you for your participation. The whiner has left the forum. Thank you and good night!

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Somebody lag switched my crew out of a game and we all got 5 minute probation, FIX THIS

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in reply to beardeddragon75

Lag switched your game?

"At the end of the match, there remains only ... nuttin 2 say."
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Look, everytime there is a cheater and I report it nothing happens then when I leave I get probation!!! It's so so unfair! I want this probation thing removed or I will quit playing this game forever!!! I don't get why your trying to Incourage people not to leave its so dumb! This has ruined the game for me!! Please remove it and fix the reporting system!!!!
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