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I completely agree with Normandie.  If I leave a game, it's due to players not keeping in line with the spirit of the game.  I think it's great a game developer/publisher has decided to include penalties, but there are surely other ways to discourage unruly or dishonest players without driving away the ethical ones.  My resolve is to simply stop buying titles that have such a policy and consider the game publisher before buying another.

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i completely disagree.first of all,if your getting kicked its because of you team killing.maybe its a accident,maybe on the end you got to be more careful.also i have a pretty good win/lose ratio of about 3.20 and im sure if it wasnt for dashboarders id have a 3.75.and if you ask me they should be more strict about dashboarding..which is probably why they put probation as a thing in the first maybe they should give host to the person w/ the highest w/l ratio in the lobby(hint,hint) SHOULD actually do this,itd make us loyal fans happy

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Trayarch ive been sitting in my room for 45 fu####ing mins because after five mins run out it puts it back on u even have it on there it stupid i might stop playing BOs all together and i guess u dont care about ur valued customers if u dont give me my money back i bought all ur DLC Camos and Map Packs for every cod so if u dont care give me my money back cause y should u have my money if u just gonna keep screwing me over i fu####ing done Smiley MadSmiley Mad

sebastian craig
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