banned because of hackers modding matches⁉️

Black Ops II Technical Support

Banned? Because of modders flooding multi! Smiley Mad im going to lose my account if i play multi... i dare not play it in fear of another ban! (Black ops 1 is ok though)

I dont even realise its a modded match untill i get a kill and get over 1000+ points for a kill in some cases (everything looks normal untill this happens, and once it does, my score data glitches out and my level gets reset... this happened a couple of times, there wer different lobbies, one was an xp lounge, one was a god mode hacker, shooting everyone though all the walls in the map... some where the havker had moved their sprite (and everyone else) into the air and out of tr boundries of the map, or dropping them from high, killing everyone... how is this fair? The only one who benifit are the hackers, we player cant kill these guys and that makes things hard enough, but when we do and get a reward for proving that good game play beats cheats and hacks every time, we get level reset and banned! These are RANDOM matches, on PUBLIC servers.. its the devs responsibility to ensure hackers dont do this sort of thing... im getting constantly level reset and i got a 24 hour ban on live for so-called "Cheating" on multiplayer online... but i wasnt, i am an innocent victim of the hackers... i dont want to cheat at this game, i only started playing call of duty fot the zombies game, i bought all the dlc individually and played all the maps intensly before id even considered playing multiplayer... i never wanted to play it because i was never really any good at first-person perspective games untill i played oblivion and skyrim... then my partners brother got me into zombies, i gave multi a go, i didnt enjoy it at first, i kept running into players that where better than me and slaughtered me (as expected) i paced myself and kept at it, sloly getting better, getting to lv 9. Then i got into my first mod match... i assume thats when it was because after that, all the gaming kills and emblems ect wer reset back to lv 9.... and it did this a few times, then it fonally let me get to lv 28, and i get reset to lv 15 again.. it keeps happening, and ive even had a 24 hour ban from xbox live for "Cheating" and that my case wasnt under review, it had been studied hard by activision staff to been found cheating... im sorry, but you wer wrong, i havnt cheated, at least, not intentionally, there was one match that as soon as it loaded it kicked me and leveled me up, but thats one of the times it reset, and i waited for it to reset because my score had messed up, (pic available upon request)  im now unbanned, reset to lv 16 again, played one match, didnt appear to be hacked, but my score is still messed up.. please, i dont care about my multiplayer data, compleately erase it, let me start a fresh and help me to avoid this issue again in the future... ive painstakenly purchaced all the dlc individually, ive even got a heatset mic on order for better co-ordination of online team-play.... but to be honest, im a bit scared of losing my account, and all games and dlc ive payed for, just for trying to legitimately play Call Of Duty : Black Ops 2 on Xbox 360. 

Please get in touch with a solution soon, as this is crazy that its like this, sometimes you cant go 5 mins without ending up in a modded match, hows anyone supposed to level up if they keep getting thier progress reset? Its obsurd! Im going to lose payed content because of a stupid game that the developers of said game cant fix the security of thier online lobbies, banning innocent, paying, customers as collattaral, just for unknowingly being in a hacked lobby.. oh ye, guess what else they can do... change thier names... makes them harder to report... :/ i know two hackers who stream, and would happily ditch the dirt, so to speak, for any kind of cooperation and help into my matter.

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Yeah. This happened to me on PS3. Now when my PS3 is online, Black Ops 2 refuses to boot up. It always freezes on the "Activision Presents" part of the opening cinematic. When I'm offline it works just fine though. Activision obviously doesn't care.

I took this to customer service and all I got was "We can't help you because it's an old game."


Well gee. That's helpful Thanks for nothing.

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