Being able to kill yourself

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I think Black ops should include a feature were you could put a gun to yourself and blow your brains out. Why would this be usefull you ask, its great for escaping being killed or maybe you want to change you class ect. I dont know if it should be a perk or essectial but it would be helpfull. It does add on to your deaths.

P.S it would be awsome looking to for people who like to make cod movies on their capture cards

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I don't see It working out and you spelled Brains wrong spell fail.
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It's called throwing a grenade at the ground, and waiting.

Plus, that would be more cheap than unlimited noobtubes. Killing yourself to avoid getting killed? The ten year olds will love that.
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He spelled it the same way you did...epic diss fail

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No. The amount of violence in a game is enough, we're already on the border line. Suicides is just over kill for video games. You might as well include prostitutes and heroin because it was in Vietnam as well, it's that ridiculous.

As far as having an option to "Respawn" like many other games and simply drop to the floor making a groaning noise seems much more reasonable. I'd approve of that idea.

Although I would expect more players would rather try to get a kill in their life span or just use a grenade.
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Whoops I did'nt press the I button hard enough
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There are ways to do it now. Did it all the time in MW 2 and gave plenty of assisted suicides. Not sure if a kill counted for them though but at least I made an effort to prevent them from getting KSR's.
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Love it, this should be a final stand or Last Stand option.
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It would be more cinematic and grenades have a delay it could also kill through juggernaught
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Because nothing says fun arcade shooter better than suicide. -_-

Also, killing yourself to get out of kills? Will be exploited beyond belief.

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