Being able to kill yourself

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DropDragon wrote:


I'm going to kill myself after one more idea like this.

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Slasher905 wrote:


I don't see It working out and you spelled Brains wrong spell fail.

How did he spell it wrong you dumb fuck.
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Yeah sure make everybody go 0-40 every game because instead of letting the enemy earn their kill, you just kill yourself so that nobody wins.
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General bravo wrote:


I will be a strategy and it will be a second tier perk so it wont be abused

Did it with c4 in MW 2 and always gave out assisted suicides. If I can keep you from getting KSR's I will do what it takes.
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aw shit. with this idea not only will we have 10 year olds blowing their brains out we will get the emo kids too D: then even more complaining will happen. and this forums is full of complaints already......

(no im not bashing emo kids its just a joke. not be offensive to anyone. yet somehow i know ill get flamed anyway XD)
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I dont think this would be a good idea
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I don't like the idea that someone could just kill themselves to avoid getting killed my an enemy. It brings an element and strategy to the game that really doesn't make sense in a fats paced twitch shooter like COD.
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When I played Halowars (an RTS game, NOT an FPS game), one of the issues that would frequently come up in a match is when you were robbed of your precious experience points required to rank up, because the enemy would destroy their buildings when they had minimal HP left during your attack. It was frustrating, at least for me, to see hundreds, & sometimes thousands of points taken away from me that I had rightly earned.

I look at it the same way here. You could just rob the enemy of a kill that was rightfully theirs.
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u spelled Brains the same as him.
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