Invert the Y Axis?

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Every FPS I play I have to first go into the settings and invert the Y axis. For those of you that have no idea what this means, it changes the settings so that when I press forward on the right stick the man on screen looks down, and when I pull back he looks up.

To me it's natural to be inverted as if you move your head forward you look down and when you move it back you look up. But the fact it's never the default leads me to believe that most people have it the other way round.

So which do you do?
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inverted always have i think cos on my 2nd hand copy of 007 goldeneye on n64 it was set up inverted y so i got used to it and now i always use it on all games Smiley Tongue
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Inverted is the natural way to play!
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I do agree inverted is the 'natural' movement, but for me its non-inverted when I play. When I push up I expect to look up and vice-versa. Plus never could really get used to the inverted controls...
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Seems inverted is coming out more popular. I wonder why it's not the default, if that turns out to be the case
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Inverted was the way I learned how to play video games, so if I have a choice that's what I do.
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So can anyone confirm if you can invert Y axis in COD mobile?  It’s unplayable for me without inverting. 

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