50pts for KC kills? Personally not liking it...

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I get that streak spam in KC could sometimes be an issue. TBH... that's what Zero and a dual FMJ Titan is for.It has been noticable how reduced the number of streaks are, so, I guess the change is doing what was intended.


That said... I still don't like it.


While streaks have been cut back... so has SPM and overall score. You get a merciless? Yeah... it's only 500 score and doesn't even earn a CP. It's really forced a change in the ovaerall game play. Teammates who grab your tag even while you're sprinting to it are a real issue. Where you used to get 125 pts for getting the kill and a mate getting the tag.... you now get 75 pts. You have a solid game with 27 kills and 20 tags...that used to be 3700 pts. Now? It's 2350 pts. That really sets back your overall end of game score and SPM.


Perhaps they should have increased the score needed to get streaks versus touching score per kill. KC is still my go to playlist but I'm not a fan of the change.

That's my opinion but it should be yours ;-),
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I never understood/stand why game objectives don't get their own points system.. I've banged on about it for years.

Tbh I agree with the kill points reduction BUT the incentive should be aimed at the objective players rather than the ones solely with mass kills... some have given ideas, like yours where scorestreaks are higher priced, or another where streaks are earnt by objective/tags etc...

Some game modes at times just feels like a looooooooong tdm match, until timer runs out at embarrassing points scored.

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Some maps I take it slow. Others I chickenhead. 


I’ve advocated for years that streaks need to be de-emphasized. And there was ... maybe... an issue with streaks in KC. Now they’ve gone the other way. 


It’s just the the usual knee jerk to whines. And causes issues where there were none. 

That's my opinion but it should be yours ;-),
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I made a thread about this the other day eventually i came to the conclusion that it should be 100 points a tag 

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You can thank:

- fellow gamers that treat KC as tdm. Are afraid to get killed and loosing their streak.

- the devs as the made cod to much streak based.



It's the wrong way to handle it. I've been saying it to long know. Streaks less is more. Focus on actual skills. (Weapon, map knowledge and objective gameplay)


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