Acoustic Sensor should be removed

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What the heck its wrong with treyarch pitting that ***** of acoustic sensor thats some bull***** how da heck everybody has that thing and think its better than other because they using that. 

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I have a 2.03 K/D and a 2.44 EKIA/D without using it......soooooo yeah that's a bad take.

Sure it can be effective if entire enemy team isn't wearing Dead Silence which as far I've been able to tell nearly removes the notification from the minimap and I can't realistically say there is a better perk in the Tier 3 Section to warrant NOT using it.

The minimap in general in this game is bad...Tracker/Teamlink/Ghost are all incredibly sub par perks and the ability to mute your own footsteps makes your life moving around so much better because you can hear the enemies even those wearing dead silence if only a little bit.

Most of those peripheral attachments in various COD games were more or less ways for bad players to maybe get an extra kill or two in the game in their otherwise underwhelming games. They sit there staring at their minimap oblivious what's actually going on in front of their eyes, or they stare at their Heartbeat sensor/motion sensor and end up still being killed over and over and over.

The acoustic sensor isn't effective in 90% of the gamemodes and has a perfectly reasonable counter to it that you should be using to begin with and truthfully just because someone kills you with acoustic sensor on by no means actually indicates that was the main reason. I wear Dead Silence on all but 1 of my classes and the few times one of them have killed me, I can say most of the time it was a teammate who happened to be near enough to me to be registering on the persons sensor and that person was camping in the tower of the church or something along those lines that meant he didn't have to check different areas or do anything but ADS down a set of stairs....which he could have done without the acoustic sensor. These people give up the ability to heal quickly or to earn streaks quicker just for the off chance they register a kill because of a tiny notification on their minimap. Rarely do you get someone in a fully decked out class using it.

You can create a deadly deadly stealth class with Dead Silence/Silent Weapon/Cold Blooded/Ghost Acoustic sensor and just keep moving the entire match and truthfully you can wreck the place but that player doesn't exist enough to warrant complaint.
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As you do when starting the game, you try the things out.. I've tried acoustic a couple of times an tbh, did absolutely nothing for me so took it straight off.. it's also not effected me a great because I'm doing relatively ok in the game..

The horrible sounds of pit boots when moving without dead silence can be heard in the next lobby anyway.. is it really worth running it?
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