Aim Assist for Snipers on Console BO4

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That's a great idea in theory, but in practice all this would do is cause people to move to low precision weapons/equipment. Explosives, shotguns, knifing, etc. would become the new "meta". I'll personally pass on that.

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I’ve been playing for years sniper only, my K/D on WW2 was 1,6 (Sniper only). I recently bought Bo4 and I’m shocked how hard it is to snipe. My K/D at the moment with lvl 30 is 0,6. Maybe I suck at this game but Sniper with no AA is simply too hard, mostly because the people are faster and keep jumping like Bugs Bunny when I see them. I also saw that the Hitbox is a ton smaller, you have to be even more precise.

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I agree with you completely. Sniping used to be somewhat fun in other cods but in bo4 it's simply unenjoyable. I normally dont use snipers in the first place so I expect to do a little worse than normal but I was still able to enjoy myself in previous installments. But even trying to get the camos for the snipers in this game is infuriating. I just dont see a point in ever using them because most guns are way more useful in any situation. Like I said, I'm not the greatest sniper to begin with but i would like to still be able to have fun using them.

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I snipe and I don’t give a crap about aim assist, I want the damage buffing so it’s a 1 shot kill in most parts of the body. 


I dont one need something to help me aim, what I need is the hit to actually kill them! Reg gunning is just a case of spraying until you snap on, with a sniper you snap on and then shoot and if you miss you die!


You don’t need to be so careful with the aim on a reg gun because if you miss a few initial shots you can pull it back. 


Just buff the snipers and then we will be happy. 


Also so the argument about quick scoping is dumb, it’s harder than hard scoping and there are very few people relative to the player base than can pull it off successfully 

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I've been playing Call of Duty on Xbox since CoD 2, and Black Ops 4 has by far, the worst sniper rifles of any CoD game. The first thing I look forward to in any new shooter title is find out how the sniper rifles feel. Snipers have always been my favorite weapon class and Treyarch has decided to remove Aim Assist from sniper rifles in BO4 after 12 years of having Aim Assist on all guns in CoD. This makes no sense and here's why: 


People like me who've been playing CoD forever expect CoD to behave in a certain way, we're accustomed to Call of Duty and when suddenly Aim Assist is removed from an entire weapon class, it just feels wrong. I don't have a mouse and keyboard to compensate for the lack of Aim Assist either, so when I change to a sniper from any other class, it feels really bad. If I wanted my sniper rifles to have no Aim Assist, I would turn AA off in the options menu. 


I cannot believe Treyarch would do this. This makes me so disappointed, I don't even want to play the game. It's one thing if an enemy player is using the SG12 strobe light to remove my Aim Assist, and another entirely for Treyarch to remove AA from an entire weapon class. I'm supposed to learn how to play in an entirely different way after over a decade of having Aim Assist on sniper rifles? I don't think so. 

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They removed AA from snipers in BO3.

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I'm on your side, with the arrival of Tactical Rifles, sniper has become soooooo useless....

Its a shame that peaples thinks its too op to have aim assist on sniper when you have the auger DMR with aim assist and approximatly same dommage as the outlaw... 

Big feels bad on that side. 
Take Bo2 as an exemple, sniper were patch but still usable because of aim assist.
Since ghost the sniping community just dropped and thats a shame because it was so big in call of duty.

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Snipes get better hit boxes



if you’re doing chAllenges, its gonna be annoying


if you’re looking to be PRO sniper


go paladin double HC


it makes paladin pro



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IS this a joke??? Snipers are so FFFFFIIIING OP as it is and you also want aim assist? 

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I've had no trouble getting kills without aim assist on the snipers. Frankly I think they should take aim assist out entirely. I'm not 5, i don't need training wheels. I do think the snipers should do more damage for body shots though. I hit some guy in the neck the other day for 39hp with the Outlaw, lol.
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