Aim Assist for Snipers on Console BO4

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Sorry I dont think having a console in general is right for anyone who can't spell the word; "Good". Also what was your point? All I got from your reply's was that you cant spell, and you have terrible grammar.

CKTM Method
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Lol lets have the game do all the work for the player so even the most unskilled gamer can pull headshots.

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That explains why every other gun in the game has aim assist except for snipers
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Circa you're just an idiot pal. Aim Assist doesn't even work anyway. Stop being a salty troll

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Stop whining and get good. Plain and simple, you think you got it bad PC has it much worse than you. Now go play

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uhhhhhh there is no aim assist on PC because it doesnt need it, you have a mouse we have anolog sticks u guys can move your mouse as fast as you want we cant move the stick faster than it already goes. Dont say get good if your on PC, know you facts. Also I own a PC and play it alot so dont think im a console noob.

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Eat a ***** bro 

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Lol, so you want the 1 shot kill weapon class, to have aim assist? You sir are dumb please quit posting on the forums. 

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sniping is fine the way it is. They need to leave it alone its actually in a balanced state for console.

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Pffff you must be the kind of guy going with Light machine guns with thermal. 
Quick scoping is harder then you think and if you get owned by sniper its just that you suck....

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