Anyone else find the bunny hopping with perfect unnaffected aim just...stupid?

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I like how you don't lose ADS when jumping but the fact that accuracy is completely unnaffected is just pure idiocy and annoying to deal with people jumping everywhere.

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I remember when bunny hopping was frowned upon and only bad players needed to use it.


now it seems everyone does it suppose we just have to move with the times.  Afterall the game has been so dumbed down its insane anything that requires even a tiny bit of skill has been nerfed then the things that were easy as hell have been buffed.


black ops is officially a game for bad FPS players.

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I have to chuckle when I see players across the map bunny hopping its as if I'm a farmer sat admiring his field


Although it's rather annoying when  one comes bouncing past, instant aim, one bullet shot and hop off again into the distance..


Personally don't know anyone that does it but then again I play with the  plain old school run and gun players

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I dont like it either. Someone coming behind corner , jumping 2 meters high and kills you. Thats boring. Make jumping as a Perk, that you can get after level 45
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Jump shooting isn't my major issue, just like drop shot..

I'm more annoyed at how the person who jump shot from round a corner knows

1) exactly where I am because there's no stray bullets just instant hit..


2) knows I'm there to start with...
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It's no different than when people would drop shot.... 

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They decided on a new motto “boots rarely on the ground”
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Not really, drop shot only lets them go in one direction and that’s down they also can’t do it in quick succession.

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drop shot? WTF never heard of that in cod or any all the way to cod bo 4
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