Anyone else lagging on Xbox one%3F

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Yesterday big time, never experienced anything like it prior in BO4. Lagging/Freezing/Glitching anywhere up to 5-20 seconds straight with a 5 second reprieve then repeated. Also during the longer lag times my screen was flashing with what looked like a Error/Warning Graphic picturing a ethernet cable Connection Error or something to that effect (i'm paraphrasing). It happened mid game & I was doing well & unlocked the last two camo challenges for a weapon so I tried to play through it to ensure I got credit for the challenges & unlocked my weapon camo. When the game ended I quickly backed out of that lobby & checked my speed which was normal, there was no one else home at the time so it wasn't a bandwidth issue on my side & I just upgraded to the Xbox One X which has improved gaming on all fronts tremendously. So I jumped back into a game and ridiculously got the same lobby/server as before & it started again. I then quit & rebooted my console & router, rejoined the same game mode (different lobby this time obviously) & all has been well since. So yeah, you're not the only one...

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