Anyone else notice the RC-XD is conpletely worthless?

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All they have to do is hit it with 1 or 2 shots and it's done, yet the dog takes like 1300 bullets. I've even killed teammates because they blew it up when someone was next to it. If I were to get kicked because of that, it'd really get me salty. 

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I use it in SnD.  You have to be a little crafty with it.  Go to high traffic areas and hope you can get someone, or sneak around and try to get someone engaged already.  I also use it to see where the other team is.  Kind of like a mini recon.

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Yea its more like 1 shot where seeker drone takes 2


also mobility on seeker drone is 10000 times better


whefe mobility of rc sucks


people can hit it, send u flying

1 tap completely changes direction


even those its design to drive through decent  it cant


it is annoying

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Without mincing words.. it's crap

It's only a 1 or 2 kill at most so it should be stealth with a quicker time limit...
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