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I think there's a limit to how much the PS4 can download (I assume you're on ps4, idk), speed wise. Hence why games and updates take forever to download, even though I have 230 down and 12 up. Still, my bandwidth is 4138kbps. 

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Bo4 no idea.(don't have it) In ww2 could drop to something in the 2000 to max just under 5000.

On a 200 up and down.

It could be low with just console on (mobile on 4g and home alone) and high when wife was watching Netflix and mobile from me and wife both on WiFi and laptop or chromebook on the WiFi.


Mostly I would get 4170. How cod makes the number up. Alchemy I guess


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Wow. So my buddies and I were is a lobby together and some how ended up all looking at this exact thing. We came to find out that that the guy who has the slowest connection and pays the middle amount has a 4100 bandwidth. The guy with the middle connection, pays the least, has  2300 bandwidth.and I who pays the most, has the fastest connection with a 1 fug a second, somehow has the lowest  bandwidth with a 2100. I'm highly pissed and will be contacting my service provider about this unless someone has a legitimate explanation real soo 

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Dont you just love the variance amongst the bandwidth values in game? 

I can tell you what I pay for, which is 150mbps down, with a "precise" (sarcastic use of that word by the way) 12-15mbps up.

In game, the value that I most often see in BO4, for me, happens to be 4122. I will admit that that is always the first thing I check when I sign on to play on my PS4. Just a few days ago, I nearly had a coronary when the value read 1208kbps. Luckily, my common sense beat me frustration to the finish line, and this allowed me to process that something had to.have happened somewhere. Sure enough, I had managed to crimp my CAT6 (I should probably upgrade to CAT6E sooner than later). After adjusting my cable from my ps4 to my router, things returned to normal. Out of curiosity, are you playing via Wi-Fi, or are you "hardwired" from your console to router?

All of that being said, I have found that once I receive the "lobby is unjoinable" message, I have to turn off the ps4 and unplug it, as well as the router and modem  The really weird thing is that I also have to alternate my LAN port that I connect to every time I am forced to do this, which is averaging out to about once a day now.


On a personal note: I just want to say "Thanks" for being one of the few who checks said values before playing the game. From my experience, anything below 4099kbps results in a less than enjoyable experience.

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Yea the first thing I check when I get in game is the bandwidth even though I haven't seen much difference in connection when I get below or above 4000kbps. I use a hard wired connection. Router connected to PS4 through a ethernet cable. I recently upgraded my router as well but I think the only change it was made was on the wifi from 2.4ghz to 5ghz. I haven't tried playing with WiFi since I got this new router but I don't think it'll improve anything so... I played about one week with WiFi ok bo4 still with the old router @ 2.4ghz WiFi and the numbers were pretty much the same. I also have the ps4 like 30 cm from.the router so really close.
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The last time I checked my bandwidth on Call of Duty was 4532kbps or 4352kbps. Either way it made no difference and I always play Wireless due to the sh*tty ethernet port on PS4.

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What’s wrong with the Ethernet ports on the PS4 ?

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Lobby not joinable is just because the lobby gets transferred to a server outside your geofilter.


I had issues with one Ethernet cable but it was either the port on the PS4 (I Have a vertical stand and that is slightly more *****ty for the cable) or the cheapass cat 6 cable I was using, probably with bad tolerances. Kept disconnecting me from matches and a error would flash up that the LAN cable was disconnected. Replaced it with a proper quality cable and problem solved. Cat 6 or 6E doesn’t really matter as both do 1Gbit as far as I know.


one more thing that most people are probably not aware of. If you run QoS on your router your console needs to be directly connected to the router. If you use a switch anywhere in between you ideally need a managed switch and turn on QoS on that as well.

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I have 1000 down and 40 up and my bandwidth is 4200. Never really seen it any higher than that. 

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open Nat

normally bw is 4200 roughly 

today gameplay was *****ty so that’s why I checked and saw it was 2201 . This is why I’m googling to seek what the reason is ?

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