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Yea the first thing I check when I get in game is the bandwidth even though I haven't seen much difference in connection when I get below or above 4000kbps. I use a hard wired connection. Router connected to PS4 through a ethernet cable. I recently upgraded my router as well but I think the only change it was made was on the wifi from 2.4ghz to 5ghz. I haven't tried playing with WiFi since I got this new router but I don't think it'll improve anything so... I played about one week with WiFi ok bo4 still with the old router @ 2.4ghz WiFi and the numbers were pretty much the same. I also have the ps4 like 30 cm from.the router so really close.
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The last time I checked my bandwidth on Call of Duty was 4532kbps or 4352kbps. Either way it made no difference and I always play Wireless due to the sh*tty ethernet port on PS4.

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I have 1000 down and 40 up and my bandwidth is 4200. Never really seen it any higher than that. 

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