Big diffrence gameing during the day or evening

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Is it just me or are the more players that see this. During the day you see many young gamers the matches are very poor.

many one trickers poor objective play and a lot off newbie weapons.

During the night the game gets better with team play less one tricking and almost no raging kids.


Im curious more see this development

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I have noticed this for years.

During the day you get a ton of run and gun style players, who have no concept of how to play the game and simply chase kills. As the day gets later the game slowly transitions to a more strategic style.
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if by strategic you mean the cheaters I agree.
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@guydodge wrote:
if by strategic you mean the cheaters I agree.

man get off the forums already, you are the biggest baby.. all i hear is whining from you.. How old are you, and why are you allowed 2 use a computer at school. What is this day and age coming too

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I would assume since kids are in school, the best time to play would be during the day? Or super late.

Servers run a lot better with less people on them too.
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As a UK player and a 3 shift worker I usually only play evenings and early hours before bed, it's always competitive, but it I drop in during the day, I score far more points. I've heard others mention this also. Schools and busy servers will be the culprits I reckon, plus the yanks probably come on a lot when I'm on at 1am GMT
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Also a UK player, I would assume that with kids at school it would run a lot better due to less traffic..

But and there's always a but..

Im in second week of 2 weeks off work for builders at my house so i thought I'd be able to have an hour so during the day before joining mates in the later evening.. I find it terrible in comparison. Its like I'm fighting with the control pad. Even getting the bloke to run for more than 2 yards seems a fight and it seems the shoot first, die first policy is back in action...

Whether they shut servers down due to less traffic and I couldnt say but my gameplay is far more smoother come 7/8 o'clock onwards..

I mentioned before that I sometimes have problems at any point, day or night if I get thrown into a predominantly foreign lobby especially French and through the day seem to be the place where it wants to constantly throw me...
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I like playing later on in the evening. Around 11pm EST.  Simply enjoy playing with more adults then 10 year olds with mics screaming into them.  


Off-topic what moron parents thinks it is a good idea to give a 10 year old a mic in game rated M and allow them to talk to/at/with unknown adults.  (won't get into allowing them to even play an M rated game) 

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learn to adapt and raging kids ? I rarely hear any chat at guessing your playing on a console which in all reality is a kids toy.hence the KIDS!!!
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What are you playing on.. A beer mat?

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