Blackjack Reserves is insultingly over saturated with poor loot. It could use an adjustment.

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Hello everyone,

I am Tier 193 in the operation thus far. I still have yet to receive most of the Mastercraft weapons and haven’t received the John Doe, Jane doe, or vacation Hudson playable characters. (Just one of them would be nice preferably the zombie player). I have been getting duplicate after duplicate (assuming I’m finally getting through all the garbage in there). What’s the most disappointing thing for me is that they literally worsen the odds by making it so each character/weapon unlocks its skin independently instead of unlocking a camo/skin and being able to apply generally across the board. Why??? Well we all know why but seriously they just can’t even incentivize me to purchase anything this way. I have spent money on cod points and received nothing worth noting from using 2000 cod points plus my hardened edition bonus points. I really feel they would make more money (since that’s their obvious goal) if they switched up their system. Make things cost less and be guaranteed. Give us three items per roll at least if your going to oversaturate it with duplicate camos for every single character. For some reason with this game and black ops 3 RNGesus just never wants to lend a helping hand. Tweakbox

Thank you!
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I've said this for a while.. I'm at 199 and all I get is dupes until the re roll... There's plenty of stuff I haven't got Inc some guns..

I finally received the MK2 cordite other day on a re roll and my very next crate was the dupe of the very same gun....

There's nothing random about it imo.. it knows exactly what you have and what it will give's just prolonging giving you them because you are going through crates pretty quickly... my prediction is they will all come and you will get them just before the next dlc/tier system sets up again..(providing your still putting the time/games in)
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