COD Companion App Late to the party but at least I made it

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Have not been using my account which I have normally played past COD titles with as I have been using one of my others which is slowly becoming my new main account.

With that being said my new account I did not until the past few days create a COD account for it and finally got the COD companion app.

I have to give the app a check in the pros column for putting people on random teams so that those who don’t want t search out or create their own have an opportunity to still get the rewards.

I was also surprised to get 500 cp points which I now have to figure out what to use on.

It was also very easy to leave the group I was put into and create my own. 

Hopefully the rest of it goes smoothly and the challenges pop up and work towards getting the rewards. 

Looking through it I have to say it def tried to make people on your friends list look like they go Beast all the time with the highlighting of their best stats  found this amusing.

Since it’s just an app that give rewards just for playing the game I found more pros than cons.


whaaaaaaaaaaaa not all threads are complaints 🤡

just thought I’de share either way have yourselves a good one


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