Can we get "DLC lobby only" option in matchmaking??

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Me and my girlfriend bought the season passes on Xbox One but we spend the majority of our time being put in non-dlc lobbies in S&D and HC S&D. We rarely ever get put in a lobby with DLC maps and want to play them. We do not care if it takes longer to find players, we would like the option to select DLC lobbies only when searching for matches. Maybe it could give a note that says this may take longer to matchmake? In all the years I have played COD I have rarely complained but it is ridiculous that we never get to play the DLC maps. 

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Same here. Lesson to learn is that if you live in area's with a thinner playerbase, don't buy the seasonpass. Especially since you get nothing else for it.


In games like IW you at least got more login bonus and got all the DLC weapons for free but with the BOP you get nada. Waste of money.

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Map packs in general have slowly....lost their appeal.


I'd argue from COD4 up until....BO2. A fair chunk of people purchased the Map packs and the devs could truly keep track of knowing how many people actually had them. This let them have the ability to actually state in the party lobby

"Player X Does not have DLC Map Pack #" Which meant the game simply would not search for lobbies with that map pack in it which functioned perfectly fine.


BO3 (and whatever else came in between as I totally forget at this point) Tried to keep the system...but less people were buying the Map packs whether it's because generally 1 out 4 maps SOMETIMES 2 of 4 maps were actually enjoyable while the other just became skip maps. Then people started to cherry pick the map packs they wanted because they'd watch YT and judge from there (which is fine).

The fact of the matter is you had the option to simply buy individual map packs without the season pass and that encouraged the purchasing of them in the long run.


BO4 as we know made the utterly stupid idea to remove individual map packs and just give us a season pass which meant we'd get all the maps. Which again in theory is fine.


The issue however became you had to every time maps came out....go out of your way to install the map. So you could own the map pack and if somehow managed to miss update message or didn't check the internet you could go a month without realizing new maps were in the game, there's no real direction on how to install them or that you HAVE to go into the season pass and install them.


This also created the issue of the devs having no idea who truly had the maps installed.

They could look at "Season Pass Sales" and say

X # of users has the season pass

But they truly have no idea how many of X users have Map Pack 1 Installed,Who has Map Pack 2 Installed etc.
It took something like a month for the new maps to actually be added into the normal rotation but there was no divide because the devs simply didn't know who had them.


So they'd put Everyone into the same Lobby

X Players have Map Pack. Y players do Not.
New Map get's selected Y players are removed from lobby to search again and either get throne into an active match or repeat the process of being booted from the lobby until they get into a selection of maps they do have. It's a broken system.
They always up the rate of the new maps, but they ran the maps in their own playlist for a long time, they didn't have a massive amount of users in them especially being forced to play game modes they didn't enjoy which lead to lower numbers and them decreasing the pop rate of the maps once they were finally added to rotation.
I'm absolutely fine with paying 15$ For 4 maps and having the choice as to weather or not I want that specific map pack without a season pass and for them to split the user base or simply not search if someone in the party doesn't have them.

They could usually afford to actually completely split the community as more people in the past had the maps then didn't so turning it into Map Pack players and non map players still provided quick lobby turn over and match start times. Now that's not the case so the old tactic of splitting the community is gone so they have to put everyone into the same lobbies and just remove players without those maps when one pops because otherwise you'd have the end game issue of games that are over 2 years old where you run into the same players over and over again and it would be even more apparent in BO4 so they avoid it altogether.

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I agree.  There used to be map pack moshpits for core AND hardcore.  Right now,  I don't see a reason to buy the season pass because I'm not getting the new maps.

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I mean, to be fair, and at least to me, 5/7 maps aren't very good. Lockup and WMD are the absolute highlights. The others are somehow too large and still have really bad spawns. The only one that doesn't switch too fast may be Masquerade and that's just because it's insanely big. Like honestly 2 maps in one.
The other problem, is that a majority of the playerbase, at least in past games, don't go for more than is offered. But possibly with the terrible menus in this one, they do search the menu for more.
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