Cheating/teaming in solo blackout

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So I got killed by this guy "kaitanuu" in solo blackout. I spectated him and he was shooting the turret while someone else was driving. They then proceeded to leave the vehicle and kill everybody on the map not engaging with eachother until it was only them two left.


I got some few points to make. 


1. Why is their no "report" option in blackout for teaming, abusive language etc? Not having this option makes it infinatly harder for you the developer to chatch these cheaters and not having it makes it less treathening for people to cheat this way and encourage alot more people to cheat.

2. Please fix the theater mode or just scrap the whole thing. First of all no games are recorded longer then ten min, and if you try and watch it, it makes your ps4 crash after a few min.And why have 50 games available to watch? Just make it like 5 and actually make "bookmarking" work.


I don't care that concussions are OP and what not. (It's the same for everyone) Just please stop cheaters (or atleast don't encourage them), and fix bugs etc. If this was epic with fortnite they would have fixed all of these things the first week the game was out. 


Don't get me wrong, you guys have made a great game, but don't stop improving it, or you'll lose your costumer again.

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It’s not cheating, plain and simple. It’s a feature of battle royales just because a certain other game made is an offense to team in solos because of crying ***** twitch streamers doesn’t mean ever other game should be the same. If you can somehow manage to team with someone in a solo game with no proxy chat then you should be applauded not punished
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is your reply a joke??? Teaming in Solos is cheating plain and simple. If you wanna play with teammates then play Duos or Squads. Don't try and justify your cheating ways because you can't win a solos game without help. Seriosuly, you are what is wrong with these games. F%^%$$ applauded? LMFAO

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Yeah but the kids teaming in solos are some of the worst players alive, so it's not that big of an issue. I imagine in certain situations it could catch you off guard, but considering they're so terrible, they should still be pretty easy to kill. It's rare to see people teaming anyway.
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Not in South Africa. I come upagainst a squad of teamers. There's a group of players that fly around in a helicopter, diving on solos, get the kill then the pilot picks them up. Then they take turns on winning when they make it to the end. Its so retarded and they get away with it because Activision couldn't care less and are too lazy to add a report button for consoles. 


Teamers, whether they are good or not are the worst kind of online gamer. 

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you are a *****in moron. lets play csgo 5v10 then. retard.

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Yes Im good I get wins but I know when I get cheated! This would be a great game if they got rid of modded controlkers. You got people using jitter which is the worst.... The being able to dodge ever bullet while they land ever shot... Rapid fire quick scope mode aim bot.  I'm mean come on.   What's the point in playing a game based on what is supposed to be skill when u are playing people whom let the controller do all the work. I don't mind getting out played but not cheated.. to all you people who think you are getting one over on us who actually have skill thank you...

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its also treyarch faults, one fact is teaming isnt against their rules ( you cant report teaming) and second, whatis the main fault i guess, Treyarch blocking modes like DUO time by time, i mean, we are 2, we want to play, we can choose solo or quads, we dont like quads with dumb *****s, so what we gonna do ? both into solo ? we bought the game for plaiyng mostly duo me and my friend, and treyarch block it !!!! where is my money ????
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Only a scrub that can’t legitimately win in Solos would have given this response. Admit it, you are trash if you have to stoop to teaming up or cheating in a Solo game mode. 

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Record these things other than theatre if you have difinitve proof that someone is cheating.

If there's no report section, spam treyarch/Activision or whoever's social media outlets with clips of these cheats for everyone to see. Make sure the audio is loud and clear to hear the abuse...

With the amount of games played I'd imagine it to be a small percentage

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