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Modern warfare will flop after 2 weeks


they’ll bring back mini map, after that , sound


after that night mode will be like all cod just night vision without ads



anytime they mention “realism” it kills gAmes


nobody wants realism, why?


cause in realism, you have natural abilities that are fast



example: human eyes can see 180 degrees


2.  You can point a fun one way but look another plus 180 degress


3. (No radio chat). Thats not realistic cause military as very close radio’s that make a whisper hearable


4. (No mini map )well real life also doesnt have random spawns, so no mini map is stupid to equal real life


5. Real life would have a semi mini map, we’d have satellite,helicopter intel to guide us etc (wouldnt be a flank)


6. (Balance skill gap) if noobs couldnt equal good players skill with a radar


what makes you they could dominate witout a radar?

aka recon (intel wins wars)


or my favorite


”its find the bad guy, kill the bad guy, not the other way around”

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At least wait for the beta to draw a conclusion.


I thought your main problem would be the M16 is in crates not reserves after the update

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M16 is not really good anyway LOL.

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I picked it up off a dead guy and I wasn't impressed.  Don't really care if I get it.  Doesn't even sound like the traditional cod m16.  

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Eh supply sustem has been ***** forever now =|

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I'm sorry


But none of that makes any sense to me at all


Is English not your first language?

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I see where you are going with this.   Yes I agree the realism is off, but I also think they made a real effort to give us players what we where asking for.   I think this COD is closer to realistic than it ever has been.  Of course it isn't perfect, the playing balance is *****ed and never will be perfect.   (When you put half a clip in someone and they kill you in two shots not so realistic.)  You just have to try and enjoy it as it is.  

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If you want realistic get rid of jumping. If your in battle there is no way your going to go jumping around

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