Considering just getting physical copy

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I have pre ordered and pre loaded the game digitally, although I'm very impatient and need to play lol. 

I'm considering going to my local Game and picking up a physical copy. Should take 2 hours to download and ready to go just after 8pm. I can't be the only one? 😊


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Yea kinda the same LOL

I totally forgot about that it has been like this that physical copies have been able to play earlier. So if I´m going to buy the next CoD, I will think about to get a physical copy instead of a digital.


Smiley Happy

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When does digital get to play (uk time). I ordered a copy 4 days ago an been playin for hours. 

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UK is 1 hour behind German MESZ time? So I can play from now on in about 3h 45mins.

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Mine arrived today, installed it before I went to work 2-10, will update patch tonight ready to play tomorrow night I should imagine. Game should just be available at a set time for all. 

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