Did u hear the great news????

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Division 2 is coming out tomorrow!!! No more crappy bo4!!!!!

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Cool story..

Well worth signing back in for..
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Yeah I've learned my leason when it comes to Ubisoft games (and most games in general I guess) so I'll wait until its 75% off and then pick it up. 

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Agreed! I pre-ordered the first Division game with the Season's Pass at full price  While I got my moneys worth based on how long I played the game, it's certainly frustrating to see the game at a deep discount in less than 6 months from launch......


Sadly, the same holds true for most games.


I played the "Open Beta", came away feeling that the game was ok, but, just ok...... That being said, I'll pick it up when it goes on sale.....  

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Did you hear that most games have their own forums? 



Imagine that and have yourself a good one, unless I see you in the dark zone 🤡.

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