Does anyone else feel like the spawns are broken?

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Every time I spawn it’s either behind a couple enemies or spawning in front of them. I am always getting killed in my spawn only to spawn in front of more enemies. 

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Firing range should be adjusted. One of the TDM spawns puts you in a serious cross fire.

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It feels like a Treyarch game to me. But how does that mean broken? Is this on a small map or large map? Tactical control and knowing when a section gets cleared is the queue to turn around usually. Try the acoustic sensor though with tracker. It’s pretty handy even if you’re not using headphones.

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There so smart there is no spawn time, and the maps are smal ,so that means when your killing someone he can run in 1 sec on to the spot where the person died. I hate it
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Domination spawns are bad. If you pin/ or are pinned on one flag and an entire enemy team is in that area, people do not spawn out they just continue spawning next to each other. 

Never seen anything like it before. Alot of potential for spawn killing 

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I know spawn killing happens in COD, but it’s rediculous in this game man. I started off in a domination game getting killed by the same guy 4 times in a row, because I was pinned and kept spawning in the same place over and over again. I have never raged at spawns so much since MW3
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I think what makes the spawns so wack is all the specialist using there ablities spamming nades where people just spawned.  Than they have kill streaks.  I don't remember any specialist being that powerful in the previous black ops.  

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i feel if they can make tac-deploy, they can make us pick any spawnspot


at least this way, we’re responsible for our own death


but eh

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I play TDM mostly and the other day i got spawned in the MIDDLE of the opposite team ?? Gee thanks Trasharch !!

The spawns to this day make no sense at all !!

They said this game had the best spawn system, well thats just another lie !!

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I'm an advocate for choosing your spawn, I think press square straight away (PS4) and you spawn as usual.. or don't press anything but you have 3/5 secs to choose an area...

however I also understand why they don't.. you get players, either team or solo who happen to connect well and have a good game and control the map perfectly.. then all of a sudden everyone is bombarded from behind.. that's far more unfair than how things are ATM...

Getting spawned amongst the enemy is 99% down to some belter on your team who think they are Rambo and like a numpty, flip spawn and his team mates are dead....

Spawn traps have died down a little in my game mode because people get wise to it.. it's only the idiots which move back into the spawn killers direction thinking they can go and kill him which keep him going..
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