Error : Game session no longer available.

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Hi Sean, still having the issue when trying to play zombies in public mode... worked an hour ago... not i keep getting that error

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Just started getting this error today. It popped up and the game crashed on about 6-7 blackout games i tried. Then happened on multiplayer after about 3-4 times. Game is literally unplayable right now. Im on Xbox One X

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Same here !!

Game crashes mid game ?? WOW !!!

Could not find a multiplayer game for 1/2 hour yesterday !!!


This is quite a sad situation for sure !!!

"It should have been fixed yesterday " Was the quote,

It's comical this game was released with so many bugs and flaws !!!

It just goes to show you people as the consumer who spends the money gameplay is ROCK BOTTOM on the list, these problems are just another PROVEN EXAMPLE !!!

I wont not mind a full refund on this turd please !!!!! 

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Just happend end game blackout - you owe me some points COD.

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still getting them


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Hey, im having this issue quite frequently. seems to happen everytime i party up with my friend. satys in lobby for a few secounds then i get kicked and he loads into game. havent been able to play togetehr the last 2 days!

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I am playing on an Xbox One and playing black out. In the middle of a game it will freeze up and it looks as though you're inside the map and then you get kicked out of the game and it says game session no longer available. Has there been a fix for this yet?

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Hey there, 

Sorry to hear you are running into that too. There have been a variety of fixes and general stability updates that have often fixed issues like that, but there could be a couple of reasons that might be happening. First off, does this happen to you only in Blackout? What about Multiplayer or Zombies MP matches? 

Also, have you tried any troubleshooting already? Some basics would just be doing a hard reset of the Xbox One (shut it down, unplug it, wait a few minutes, start it back up) or reinstalling. However, just let me know more about that in general. Thanks. 


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This has nothing to do with their connection. This is a coding or server issue, and seeing what you guys did at the beginning with the 20hz tick rate I would say that your servers are down to the last wire and can’t handle the heat from all the players.

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!Error Game session no longer available.!

I get this 2 or 3 times during a blackout match on solo, duos or squad match. It kicks me alone or the entire group out of the game back into the lobby. At times its before the match starts. Plz advice?


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