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Game session no longer available !!!! Still getting what appears to be a game launch problem after 4 months, what are activision doing about it after gouging the money out of their customers and not giving a toss about the product they produce. If this was a car it would have had a factory recall. A sad situation with a fairly new game, server problem or coding ?

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Sorry to hear you are experiencing that too, but in my experience that is usually happening to poeple (and me on occasion) randomly with no rhyme or reason. Personally I get that error maybe one out of every 25 games.

How often are you running into it and what you are doing when it occurs? Are you joining matches? Joining a party? Mid-match? Let me know some more details. There might be some troubleshooting options. 

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Same here game session no longer available but no reply from Activision because they just want to sell ......... you buy they earn then the customer is forgotten 

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