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so I just unlocked fmj 2 and I got to attach it and it not showing it completely broken 



fix you god dam game you had beta and tests and still can't get it right this is just a money scam 

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I’m having same problem. Selecting fmj2 removes the attachments (Xbox One )

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So if you want to use fmj 2 you have to equip both fmj 1 and fmj 2 to make it work. Can not use fmj 2 without fmj 1 

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All attachments that have a version 1 and a version 2, in order to have version 2, you MUST have version 1 attached first. 


Same goes for GRIP 1 and GRIP 2. 

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Stupidest thing I've ever heard of !!

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I have 1 attached. It removes both when I attach 2. PS4

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Honestly I am still having this issue.. did this never get resolved??

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Are you equipping both of them? You can only put fmj2 on if you have fmj equipped.. essentially taking up 2 slots.....

A side note regarding fmj...

Has anyone noticed lately about the lack of power with it in HC? I've hit players after players with it who have armour equipped (I know because of impact sound) yet it seems to take some serious damage to kill.... has the armour had a buff?
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how about doing some research before blaming it on them?

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The thing is they don't say ANYWHERE on the attachments that you need to equip both to use and its kind of retarded that it takes two points to use a single attachment. BO4 is doing everything to force us to use points so that our builds are extremely limited! I mean to use an operator mod it takes three points? Get out of here!
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