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I want you to tell me the honest TRUTH.  Is it me or am I being played? Is the game treating me fair. Look at my YouTube channel Ray Page and tell me what you think.

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No thank you. 

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Bullsheeeet. No promoting, you asswipe.

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Here's a better idea; use your words to describe what is taking place in your matches. Since you are asking if we think the game is "screwing you" (or something like that, I initially read this post a few hours ago, and my brain must have deemed it unimportant since it took me this long to come back to), be as specific as possible as to why you believe you are getting screwed. I guarantee you that, with the group of posters we have participating again, the old and (most of) the newer posters, we will be able to tell you why you are experiencing whatever seems to be causing you a problem. Not because we have any experience with the game, and it's flaws. We just so happened to all graduate from psychic school together. I'll prove I'm psychic right now:

    Without even viewing your video, I can tell you that the video is terrible. With Venus beginning it's descent through Mars, never mind. Jokes over, and proving to be about as good as your video. 

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