Hardcore Blackout Mode please

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Re: Hardcore Blackout Mode please

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Lol. You think people camp now, just wait until they have 30hp. 🤣 Hell, I might even camp in a HC BR. 


Nah, you don't want that, you just think you do. Even if everyone ran around and played like you wanted them to, which they won't, it'd still be a sh!t show. 


It would be fun to try once or twice though, especially if they changed a bunch of things up to fit the HC mode, like no aim assist, no HUD, maybe a limited/realistic loadout so you couldn't carry as much equipment or perks, and you had to remember how much ammo you had or something (idk), removed the concussions and clusters, removed those armored ATV's with the turrets on the back and made all the vehicles much easier to blow up, etc etc. 


It'd be cool in theory, but I feel the way people would play it would make it get old very fast. You think you're gonna go up against only the good players, and how they play, but there's gonna be so many trash players that have no idea what they're doing, that will kill you at or near end game with 0 kills and camping in the g*yest spot imaginable because they're too scared to leave their little corner with their blankey and teddy bear. It'd get old real quick. 

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Re: Hardcore Blackout Mode please

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Won't happen.

This would split the CoD community even more. Sometimes it is already hard enough to find a Blackout game with a good ping. 


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