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Please please please...

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This is a horrible idea.

Blackout is a survival mode. You need to have a good amount of health and an armor system in place.

Hardcore is the superior mode for a Multi-player setting, in my opinion. But it doesn't work for a BR.
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Actually played a few rounds of this last night, and have to say I enjoyed it. Maybe because it was different from the same ole monotonous gameplay, but I liked some of the diversity hardcore brought to the table. The lack of armor was obviously the biggest disadvantage, but it felt almost realistic not having the mini map or larger map to know exactly where you were going. Even jumps had to be more calculated. The flare drops by the gunships was an awesome idea. It does make people more campy, but that's almost the nature of every br game you play, some people are always gonna play that way. Treyarch is attempting to give us diversity within a game we said we wanted content and changes, then when they drop something people complain. I feel many people are basing their opinion on hardcore blackout as if it were hardcore MP, which they're not the same at all. You can't get one shot by a pistol from 100 meters. 

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When is all this actually coming to Xbox One, i am a bit out of the loop so i have no idea about any updates?
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I just played it for the first time and loved it. It feels great knowing that if you start hitting shots first you are pretty much guaranteed the kill. My 2nd game of it I got 4th place with 11 kills, and I was playing solo quads!
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This is worst idea ever, I cant enjoy this mode of blackout, if continues this, I will migrate to Apex, because de harcore have so fun in multiplayer, but in blackout doesnt work.

Have some petition or email to send to treyarch to show our insatisfaction?

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Haha Hating the idea is so ignorant, would you rather them triple the health and armor so you never die? Its clear you’ve never played HC cuz It’s not even hard core 150 health!!!  There’s a lot of people who play only hardcore MP and would have liked a real hardcore blackout. Stick with apex if you like hit markers and cartoon shooters.  I think it’s a great idea, 

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Your opinion on this means absolutely nothing. Literally , why are you complaining about HC Blackout when "core" blackout out gets 3 continuous game modes (solo, duos, quads) and yall also get 3 or 4 different modes that are on a rotation. So that's 6 or 7 modes total, that you get to play and yet you're complaining about ONE game mode that you are definitely and by no means forced to play, at all. I could understand your point "IF" the only Blackout mode was HC and only HC but that is absolutely not the case. So, how does it possibly affect you whatsoever? People LOVED HC Blackout and honestly I've heard wayyyyyy more people that were super grateful to get HC Blackout when compared to the other feature modes. I swore off Blackout completely for the first 4 or 5 months it's been out because it was just like a HC Multiplayer / player switching over to core multiplayer- in other words it is beyond frustrating when you are used to taken 1-3 rounds to kill someone and then you switch to Core and it takes about 1/2 to a full clip to kill someone. So when i tried core blackout, it was ridiculously dumb for what it took to get a kill. So... I hate core multi and core blackout but I'm not making a post about how I hate them and think they're dumb and that they should be deleted and all because I didn't enjoy playing it. So, again, why piss and moan about 1 little game mode that thousands and thousands of people loved? When HC blackout became available - I literally played for many many many 6, 8, 10 hour straight HC blackout marathons and one 26 hour straight HC Blackout marathon in which I didn't eat or sleep or even take a 3 minute break from it- I talking 100% constant gameplay. I loved it, obviously and I actually have gone on a "strike" to where I ejected the disc and haven't played it since they got rid of HC Blackout and I won't play at all until it returns. So, maybe next time you can be grateful for getting massive amounts of support for core game modes and be happy  for the TONS of players who enjoyed it and want it back. You can also be supportive instead of a ungrateful whiner- I'm sure you must have at least a tiny bit of positivity inside of you. 

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Your an idiot.

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All you do is hang out on the forums.  Your not a gamer.  Don't flaunt your ignorance.

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