Is the titan the only gun in the game?

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So the titan is not good 😂🤣😂🤣😂 I’m done with y’all. This is a fan fanboy pay to troll forum I’ll find my answers in reddit.

The Titan IS good.  Actually it sounds like it's TOO least for you anyway. 


And if this IS a pay to Troll forum, I am owed a significant amount of money by somebody...!  Plus, posters like yourself make it SO easy...even the legit answerer's sound like they are Trolling you!


Ok, here's your answer.  NO...the Titan is NOT the only gun in the game.  We could have said that earlier but it's taken this long to figure out that you were actually serious and didn't know.  Have fun with this over at reddit.  I'm hope you have some flame proof underwear and some SPF-100 because y'a'll gonna gets a...




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No. But some people are already done with dark matter or just don't care about it. So they will just use the gun that is on top which is the titan by far. Complete easy mode gun. Excellent iron sight so you do not need to waste any attachments on that. Slap on some FMJ and you can destroy lobbies easily. Gun kills in like 3 bullets, super accurate and good at practically any range.

Unfortunately there are some people that worship Actvision and treat them like they can do no wrong. If you want a gun toned down and other guns brought up to speed with the rest you must be a screaming child or any other remark they can come up with. Treyarch has been pretty quick at many balance adjustments and I give them props for that. But it is very clear that the titan is outperforming the pack. This is not a case of confusing overused and overpowered. Gun is too strong. End of story.
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Cut your funding ? 😂😂 did Activision run a kickstarter campaign for BO4 that I didn’t know about ? 

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Lol tryhards the same thing every ***** player uses.

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The only and I mean only reason I at all like advanced warfare was it matchmaking you went against people with similar k/d and w/l ratios and was fair because personally I don’t like playing a game and going against someone with a 5. K/D every game where my team get there asswhole stretch open as the bend down to pick up the soap 

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