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So i’ll go 20-10 hella times k/d stays same


i do bad 3 tomes like tied


i drop a point wtf is that?

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Depending on how much you have played it won't change much.


Like I have almost 1900 games played and mine rarely moves.

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Are you looking at ekia or kd?


And if I was you just well don't focus on a stat.


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I know you've said you played a large majority of the COD games (or at least I think you said that I could be wrong)

It's all about numbers man.

Eventually your numbers get so high that it basically requires doing at least .1 higher then what you're K/D is a fair amount of times to get it to go up, while 1-2 single games below that will drop it.

It's a lot easier to decrease an average then it is to improve one.

Early on it's no unusual to see the numbers flip a lot.

It really depends on how you are to begin with. If you don't have a ton of deaths compared to kills a handful of bad games will drop it 1-3points but it's going to take triple the games of doing above what you're at in order to raise it back to where you were.
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