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OK i play on Xbox

Here for the past 2 weeks the LAG/frame skip seems to be at a ALL TIME high !!

Anybody else have this going on ? It's so bad at times it's not even worth playing !!

And, NO it's NOT my internet !

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I have a theory that this game is coded so badly that the processors in consoles cannot handle it and the coding doesn't use the processors adequately enough and it slows down home screen and console menus so much. My ps4 fans worked over time when I had this game. Even after opening up my PS4 to clean the inside of it including fans.

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I haven't had any major lag or frame rate issues at least extremely noticeable ones.

Maybe i'm just closer to the servers and the information travels smoothly and quickly.
I have a 90/7 less than 10 Ping connection which obviously helps.


I also have a launch version of the PS4 so it's not as if it's one of the improved versions and I leave it turned on literally 24/7 and only occasionally does she seem to boot up the fans and go into overdrive for a few seconds but it's not specific to BO4.

Xbone sadly was created to be a home entertainment middle man system first and gaming system second (as stated by countless microsoft employees and how they advertised all the media things it could do as it's selling features vs being a gaming console first)

We're also nearing the end of the life cycle of this generation of games where games no matter how simple or complex they be are simply requiring more power to be handled by older consoles that are getting maxed out. Obviously there's plenty of games that work perfectly fine...but there's still a fair amount of newer AAA titles that have their foibles because the ambition of the devs. COD is by no means the most complex beautiful looking game in the world but you're still requiring an older console to handle a fair amount of activity.


The consoles are only 6-7 years old which isn't the typical 10-12 year life cycle. Yes the games design can add to it if it's not properly made for whatever reason but it's definitely a combination.

If it's not actually your personal connection that's an issue it comes down to what servers you are connecting to.

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