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So lately I've been playing a ton of league and I have to say, I absolutely love it. I love playing in lobbies that have equal skill, the game is MUCH better when it's balanced. I also love the fact that I'm not getting stunned, killed by dogs, shields, tripmines every five seconds. 850 points to get a score streak is much more balanced, it's actually a reward when you get one. Anyway...


I've also got a few issues with League play. The first is the ranking system. I have no idea how me (a Gold player with many games played) can be put into lobbies with Bronze level 1 players. Its not that I have an issue with these guys, it's that these are the guys who quit, don't have a mic and don't play objectives. MANY of your games you're at the mercy of your teammates..


The second issue I have is jumping into a lobby and playing against a full squad. I wish there was an option to play 'squads' or 'solos'. I know back in the day they used to have clan wars, I'll be honest when I've got my squad together, it's not a ton of fun to go in and wreck the 5 randoms we got matched against (but great for the gems). And it's also not alot of fun when it happens the other way around. I'd love to see a Clan/Squad system where you can rank up with your team, choosing to play only against other squads. 


It's just frustrating to play a game of hardpoint, score 6000 points and have an obective time of 100+ seconds and lose because some of your teammates are chasing kills or chasing killstreaks instead of playing the objectives. 


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