Limited Blackout Mode Options For South African players

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I hope this message reaches Treyarch or whoever is in charge of the Blackout mode options menu.

I recon i speak for most, if not all COD players in South Africa regarding the limited options we get when selection a Blackout mode. We only get a choice between 2 modes and thats usually the limited time mode i.e Spectre rising( which most of us hated), Alcatraz(which we love), Hardcore(which we love, Grand Heist( also a great mode) 


Duos or Solo or Quads


So when a combination like Spectre and solo are available we end up not playing at all for the remainder of the time until an update comes in a week or two because we dont like Spectre and we want to play in teams and then only solo is available.


We feel that we pay just as good money as the rest of the world and are entitled to have the full mode options list available.


I have read on some posts that the reason for the limited options are due to the low player base count and that Treyarch is worried that the players will be split to widely to fill even one game. I don’t agree that Treyarch or who ever makes this decision should be making it.



Make all the modes available in the list and add counters to indicate how many players are playing which mode and let us decide. I mean you already have a counter in the Blackout map of players and in Modern Warfare Remastered a percentage scale is used.


Can we please get this sorted as we feel its opposing our Consumer rights in that we pay for a product and not getting the full value of that product.


Please if anyone can give advise on who to contact with contact details please do forward the information.

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