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Frags are op asf right now and I only say that because I got killed by a drag that was in another room!! Yes a whole other room. You know that house at asylum upstairs on the left side of the house I was in there and the frag was in the room next to it and it still killed me plus I had 200 health like that’s honestly ridiculous.. please fix 

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Stop camping. Frags are perfect where they are. They kill campers and destroy vehicles nicely!  You want to sit in a corner and watch the grass grow. I put frag in your bum, and make you go boom. In fact not only keep  frags at the damage they are. But buff the semtex back to where it used to be. 

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So you got killed by something one time and you didn't like it so it's op.


In the killxams the made wasn't near?


Well killcams aren't accurate.


Or bug/glitch that that wall doesn't have explosive shielding.

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