Not unlocked Swat RFT, what now?

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I absolutely agree. The entire business structure for Black Ops 4 is broken beyond repair at this point. 

They need to also realise that releasing new maps for only players who purchased the Season Pass is also wrong. By doing that you are dividing the community. Make new maps free for everybody to enjoy. Still keep the cosmestic purchases, sure. If the maps were free, perhaps people would be more inclined to buy an outfit, a weapon skin, etc. 





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I tend to disagree it's only a game really I'm not disappointed or going to call the company itself a bunch of names and there a few tweeks? Sure but In all honestly this is all I see anymore is how much a game pisses people off and how they are screwing over their customers....why I don't ever pay hundreds of dollars out the gate in case I'm not satisfied. But don't rip on the company if it's not to your liking....i don't like Destiny doesn't mean they make *****ty games but this is only my opinion and I'm not saying mine is right just saying what I'm thinking 

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You can still get it... IF you get the MK2 version.
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I did get not unlock the swat rft in the operation but I did get the mk2 version in a reserve crate. 


The only thing is the weapon doesn't level up and unlock attachments while I play. Nice that it comes in the crate but sucks that it doesn't level up. 


Anyone else have that issue?

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  1. U can get swat rft mk 2 in creates . i did but it gives u 25% extra xp per kill . i can't upgrade mine . i don't know why ... Maybe i don't have regular gun unlocked.
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