Nuketown 24/7 Week(end) future date

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So the thread title says most of it. To restate/clarify; When is the next Nuketown only playlist? Although I do no know the exact dates I feel like by this time in pst Black Ops titles there would have been multiple NT only weekends or weeks. I might be wrong but regardless of the correct answer I think the community would agree that we are overdue for the playlist. Anywho, if this thread doesnt get a direct answer maybe mention it in the next update/patch notes. 


Thanks and I(and my team of friends) look forward to the chance..



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Hopefully it gets struck off the list, nevermind put in a 24/7.. I doubt a 24/7 will come back but if it does I hope it's took off playlist during that time.. awful map imo.

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Puketown does not play good at all in this game !! It's a total phuckfest !!!

Every time puketown shows up in map rotation most people leave the lobby !!

Way too much going on way too fast, the lag and distorted frames make this map a complete joke !!

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treycunt knows 90% of the players want it, so we won't get it. That is why i have not played in 5 weeks. Waiting for MW4.

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