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Contraband really really sucks azz. I can't see shyt to start with, dont know where the hel I am and then lets add a hurricane so I can see less. It does seem like every time its random it is either Contraband or Jungle which I hate nearly as much. Populated by bunch of running jumping rabbits. I see that map and I am out. The funniest is it loads me in after it started the score is like 40 to 15 against, I exit reenter and puts me back in the same game. I guess the matchmaking has a sense of humor. 

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Best supported and most social cod.


Not here at least.


About nuketownski it should be buried.

Beter than the E.T games


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Any E.T. game reference instantly earns a kudo. Sad thing is, I think burying Nuketown with E. T. kind of desecrates the sanctity of the burial site. 

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Biggest mistake I made in BO3 was installing Nuketown. I've tried to play a few times the last year and it just goes Nuketown/Nuketown/Combine/Combine then the lobby folds.

We need new maps that vary in size and layout, not rehashes based on a different game's mechanics.
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I have a blast with it, using the saug 9mm with operator mod. 


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Have fun, it's just not to my interests. Giving it a special playlist seems to be a good solution.
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Nuketown is a horrible map design. personally it should be taken out of the map rotation but still
Have it as its own category.. I'm a challenge guru, with the nuketown map playlist I can complete challenges Im struggling with and at a quicker rate.

Dont get rid of it, give it its own category... win win for all.
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This map is so bad, once someone gets those barricades up they place them in the middle between the two busses and just camp there.

They should remove it and add something from the WWII games.

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