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So they were supposed to have fixed this by making the zone do more damage the longer you're in it, but I just had back to back Alcatraz games decided solely on whether or not the person picked up Outlander and/or Consumer. 🤷‍♂️ First game I lost, then I picked it up the next game and won because of it. The other players wouldn't come out of their hidey hole either game. Kinda sad this generation is too chicken sh!t to come out and actually fight when the game is on the line. 🙄 Unreal. The guys/gals that beat us with it the one round were so proud of their accomplishment too. 😂 

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I believe Alcatraz game mode does less damage in the final circle than in other game  modes. Hence why it's probably still a viable option to use if one sucks at the game and cant win any other way

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Yeah I'm pretty sure that mode has different numbers for circle damage at the moment. 


It's *****ty when most circles finish on a building and if you're not on the roof already or on the same level it becomes a heal off. 


I think they need to change how the last circle plays for that mode as it becomes such a crap shoot of the last teams running into the small circle out of the woodwork.


Not sure what the solution is though,  maybe a fortnite style shifting circle that starts moving around. 

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Did you just try talking ***** about someone using consumer and outlander, after telling us that you used consumer and outlander to win? Yikes.

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There's a big difference in picking it up and using it "just in case" because you've been screwed over too many times without it, vs picking it up and intentionally hiding outside the last zone because you're too much of a chicken sh!t to come out and fight. Both games I was right in the middle of the final zone as it closed in around me. Neither time did the other players come out to fight, and had I not picked up and used Outlander in the second game I would have lost again, as the other player definitely had it on as well. 


It really is the lamest meta I've ever seen. 🙄

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The storm update is only working in regular mode i believe. In alcatraz its still the regular storm damage. Here's a good tactic i use to make sure i dont lose healing game when it comes down to it, and trust me in this game mode it will. Specially when the game ends in the center area where theres so many places to hide lol. 


  Save your red med kits for the end. You dont need consumer or outlander with red med kits. Youll be a ble to win in a situation like a heal off with them, and if you save a trauma or 2 even better. Good luck.

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You won't win a heal off if they have Outlander and/or Consumer unless you also have those enabled. That's the whole point. Sure, I can win a heal off with someone who doesn't have either of those perks if I use med-kits and use a trauma beforehand and/or as soon as I start taking damage, but that's rarely the issue. 

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